Our Mission

Change Lives. Do Good. Be Great. 

Our approach is inclusive of all the team members. We care not only about the families and clients we serve, but our staff. Our staff is supported, trained and encouraged to meet their career goals. We provide mentorship and collaboration along the way. 

As an organization, we  provide effective, empirically proven behavioral health services to children and young adults with Autism.

We also provide education, support and resources to local communities and become a central place for learning, collaboration and a beacon of support for families.

Learning with Brightlight Behavior Group

We consider ourselves teachers first and foremost. Whether implementing ABA techniques in an individual’s home or coaching a parent through everyday routines- our purpose is to impart knowledge and practical techniques. It is our mission to ensure individuals and families are continually learning. 

Highly trained and supported Behavior Technicians (BT)

Each BT goes through a rigorous vetting and training process at the outset of starting ABA intervention with clients. In addition, they receive mentorship throughout their career at Brightlight Behavior Group, as well as attend ongoing education and training seminars. Each BT is a Registered Behavior Technician, in compliance with BACB recommendations and standards. 

Parent Education & Training Curriculum

As part of the intervention treatment package each family works with clinicians to identify family goals and objectives. We understand some of the limitations families may experience when participating in ABA programs. This is why  Brightlight offers an array of parent education courses and curriculum that enhance the family and individual’s treatment intervention. There are many options available offered to ensure families learn and thrive. This is part of Brightlight’s Individualized Program Design. 

Collaboration and Inclusion

When you are a part of Brightlight Behavior Group's team you become part of a supportive and connected community of professionals.  This is integral to the organization's culture and philosophy. In addition to exceptional ABA treatment, we focus on collaborating with other therapy providers and include family members in intervention. We offer parent support groups; family movie and game nights; as well as family centered events that promote inclusion of our clients within their community. We are with you all the way.   

About ABA

Applied behavior analysis is a branch of behaviorism that focuses on the practical application of behavioral teaching methods and techniques. It emphasizes a focus on socially significant behaviors that enhance the individual's daily life. It is based on over 40 years of science and empirically vetted teaching concepts. It is the science of behavior and the basis of how humans learn.  

Brightlight is staffed and employs Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) that lead and drive individual programs. Their expertise and certification is considered  the highest standard for the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders.