Our Approach

Brightlight Behavior Group was founded with a clear vision and purpose.  The essential difference between Brightlight and other behavioral health providers, is its intent to bridge the gap between clinical providers and family-focused service delivery.  This includes changing the way families and practitioners interact, focusing on inclusion and accessibility of treatment.  Brightlight strives to be a community resource and hub for information, training, and support for families of all children, community entities, and scholastic institutions.

In addition, we value and support families' cultural make-up. We pride ourselves in our staff's linguistic diversity and deliver treatment in the language that best suits the family. An emphasis is placed on cultural awareness and the sensitivity that is required when entering a family's home environment. 

Our focus is collaboration between providers, families of all types, and community resources. Brightlight is interested in a positive and strengths-based approach, as it is our belief that this framework fosters trust, relationship building, as well as efficacious delivery of behavioral interventions.


  • Intensive In-Home Applied Behavior Analysis Intervention
  • Initial Assessment 
  • Functional Behavioral Assessments and Behavior Support Plans
  • School Based Consulting and Educator Training
  • Parent Education Curriculum Coursework
  • Community Social Skills Groups
  • Young Adult Career Development Training
  • Young Adult Transition Programs